Sunday, September 29, 2013

29 September 2013 Tyranny of the minority

Cassi Creek:  I’ve had it up to here wherever “here” is.
          The U.S. Constitution is intended to prevent a minority grabbing political power and oppressing the majority of citizens.  Equally, it is unacceptable for a majority subset to oppress minorities. 
          The Affordable Care Act was intended to provide greater access to health care for the working poor, the unemployed, and even some former middle class citizens.  It is intended to curb the abuses used by insurance companies such as denying care for pre-existing conditions and for trumped up causes that somehow manage to funnel more revenues into the bonuses paid executives.
          Today, we have the tea party faction constructed largely of anti-tax, anti- Obama, and anti-intellectual voters who are funded by various ultra-wealthy business owners and corporate clowns who can buy and fund lobbyists and Legislators.  These supposedly grass roots groups are actually bought and paid for by the anti-Obama factions. 
          The result is a slight majority in the House of Representatives that does not have an equal percentage in the overall voting base.  Despite some added seats in the House in 2012, there is no mandate for the teavangelists.
          Unfortunately, the GOP has been engaged in a war with Obama since 2008.  They are determined to do anything possible to negate his presidency and anything possible to negate the ACA. 
          The GOP has not recognized the singular fact that American voters voted against them and against the Romney-Ryan platform in 2012.  The GOP platform was soundly defeated by a majority of voters in a majority of states.  This election indicated that the ACA is approved of by a majority of voters whether the GOP/teavangelists like it or not.  But the GOP House members have wasted nearly $65,000,000 holding symbolic votes to overturn the ACA.  Each time the Senate has rejected the action.  The Supreme Court has declared the ACA to be constitutional. 
          Here’s the deal, you arrogant idiots.  You do not have the license or the reason to shut down the U.S. government.  You were elected to behave in the best interests of the nation, not of a core group of lobbyist for Corporations that are now largely based overseas, evading taxes, and creating ever-larger unemployment rolls.  You have created a tyranny of the minority and it is time for you to be removed from office.  Immediate recall for every teavangelist bought and paid for by the Koch brothers and other greedy example of oligarchs should take place now. 
          In addition, the 2nd amendment nuts claim that their firearms collections are intended to protect the U.S. from its government.  Well, all you militiamen playing at being real soldiers need to take notice.  The event you all scream about in nightmares and wet dreams is taking place.  The tea party minions are stealing your nation for the ultra rich who support them and feed their ignorance.  So when will you gun folks realize that the threat you claim you can overcome is based in the right wing nut communities rather than the left wing of American politics.   We’re not being invaded by foreign troops; we’re being captured from within by the teavangelists, the American equivalent of the Taliban. 
          Shutting down the government is not a desirable action.  It will cost the nation millions that need not have been wasted.  Forget the 65 million dollars wasted on repetitive symbolic votes, the coming shutdown will waste real money.  Even more critical, the refusal to honor our debt obligations in another attempt or destroy the ACA will have global economic repercussions.  This plan to intentionally damage the U.S. economy is clearly malfeasance in office and is being staged by corrupt members of Congress.  Enough is enough.  Send the tea party members home, now.  Put them in house arrest; take away their electronics and their salaries.  If they deprive the majority of citizens of economic stability, they have no right to a penny of their Congressional salaries.  Recall, Now!

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