Sunday, September 22, 2013

22 September 2013 Trouble ahead, trouble behind

Cassi Creek:  The likelihood of a government shutdown brought about by the Tea Party faction of the GOP, the idiots willing to crash the economy again, is growing imminent each day.  The last recession is still not over for most Americans and these fools can’t wait to deepen and extend it.
It is hungry out there and it is going to get to starving times for many Americans.  The House has voted to cut food stamps $39-$40 billion from the SNAP funds that keep many of us from starving in what is still a recession for many of us.
          This is just a further extension of the class warfare now occurring as the GOP targets the working poor, the former middle class, and the unemployed poor for economic destruction. 
          That this nation’s legislator should become bent upon destroying our social safety nets is intolerable.  That even a small fraction of the targeted Americans should still find any reason to elect or re-elect GOP and teavangelist candidates and incumbents is proof of a marked decline in intellectual capacity. 
          We aren’t ready for open revolution now.  However, we are much closer to it than I ever imagined we would be. 
          BTW, two Democrats voting to repeal Obama Care is not a bi-partisan action.    
          The next few days will serve to point out the inability of Boehner to control his caucus and the unfortunate capacity of the teavangelists to destroy any economic recovery that we have been able to bring about.

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