Wednesday, September 25, 2013

25 September 2013 Idiocy abounds

Cassi Creek:
The news today is filled with various examples of Congress ignoring the job it was elected to so that they can waste time placing the desires of their separate parties over the needs of the nation.

After more than 40 votes to repeal Obamacare, John Boehner and his House Republican caucus have taken their crazed obsession to a new level: They have actually passed a bill that could lead to a government shutdown unless Obamacare is defunded.
Conspicuously absent from that bill, however, was a promise that Boehner and the Republicans pushing it would forgo their own salaries in the event of a shutdown.
House Republicans aren't doing their jobs as it is. Why should they still get paid if the rest of the government is shut down?

The very notion that the government might be shutdown without harming the nation is so alien to me as to be unthinkable.   It is one thing to reduce spending.  It is quite another to waste time repeating votes that have not value but symbolism for the most fanatical of the elected.  And it is entirely anathema to engage in such behavior when we have troops at risk in multiple conflicts. 
            It must be remembered that the GOP, currently yelling against engaging in Syria, is the party that fell all over itself to help Bush 43 start the wars that we are currently fighting.  There is not a congressperson alive who deserves a cent of their salary if they allow the government to shut down. 
            Even if they avoid shutdown, the GOP intends to apply deep cuts to the SNAP supplemental food program that many military families require in order to keep food on the table.  If I were currently deployed and Congress delayed my salary and benefits by creating governmental shutdown,  rendering my family unable to pay its bills, while taking much need food off my table.; I know what my first response would be the minute I returned to CONUS. There are many things Congress needs to hear from our troops, none of which they will like to hear.

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