Tuesday, September 24, 2013

24 September 2013 Gasoline and groceries

Cassi Creek:
          Several errands required our presence in Johnson City today. Driving in through Jonesborough is the longer route but taking that longer route allowed me to buy gasoline at $2.93.  That’s cheaper than I’ve seen in this region in a year. 
          We stocked up on some items at Earth Fare that are not available at the chain groceries we use for many canned goods and household items.  We found some pasta made of quinoa and corn that Gloria may be able to eat in small amounts without blowing her glucose level.  It will be interesting to explore how it turns out.
          I was offered the chance to taste a chocolate-covered fig today.  It was interesting but the chocolate outer layer reminded me of the chocolate syrups poured on frozen custard or soft-serve in rode-side stands.  Brittle, thin and somewhat lacking in chocolate flavor.  Given that initial impression and the cost per package – in excess of $8.00 – I declined the purchase. 
          We came home with some decent seafood and some sushi.  Should be an enjoyable dinner.

          If there were American expatriates caught up in the Al Shabab terrorist group, I’d support a drone strike or two to eliminate them from any future activity. That probably sounds extreme to many people I know.  Taking up arms against this nation – there were American casualties – is grounds for extreme response on the part of our government.  While it is a violation of some constitutional rights and privileges, waging open warfare against this nation and its citizens for ideological differences is, in my view, a definite renunciation of American citizenship and the rights and protections such status affords.  

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