Monday, September 16, 2013

16 September 2013 Of all possible worlds we’ve only got one, we need to ride on it.

Cassi Creek:  We can run
          The flooding in Colorado has shut down many public services that are necessary for health and safety of the citizens.  Drinking water, sanitation, and any other services are offline. 

For those cities, towns, and rural dwellers not at risk of washing away in the current floods, the risk of forest fire still remains possible.  To see the current distribution of major fires,
          After fires have been controlled and extinguished, the risk of land and mudslides is greatly increased.  Steep mountainsides, denuded by fires, will reach saturation points and slide down hill with the lethality of a carpet-bombing mission. 
          We are currently dealing with increased ice cap melting in the Arctic and Antarctic.  The sea level rise that will result from continued ice cap loss will flood many cities around the world. There are also island chains that will become reefs as they are swamped by rising sea levels.

In the search for profits by energy companies, the danger of damaging aquifers looms large.  Surface streams and well water have been contaminated by toxic wastewater from fracking sites.  In some locations, injection of high-pressure liquids has been linked to earthquakes.  This has been recognized since deep well disposal was first used at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal. 
          Solid waste disposal by humans runs the gamut from landfills that are designed and managed to minimize impact to individuals dumping whatever they wish to discard wherever they happen to be.  The families living up valley from us discard fast food and beer containers in such amounts that we fill about 3 33- gallon trash bags each season from a 0.3-mile county road.  Down valley below our property, the problem is worse due to greater traffic.  This littering and dumping is a nationwide problem.  We are a long way from solving it. 

“We can run, run, run, but we can’t hide.”

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