Thursday, September 19, 2013

19 September 2013 A blunder of morons a stubbornness of rhinoceri

Cassi Creek:
          Congressman David Phillip Roe, R 1st TN has introduced another attempt to overturn the ACA.  The first part of the proposed bill is the immediate repeal of the ACA.  The last part of the bill is a redundant anti-abortion inclusion that already exists in other federal laws. 
          The end and beginning of Roe’s “Healthcare Flexibility and Choices for Families Act, (there’s the magic incantation – Families) are another attempt to overturn the ACA and to make abortion even more difficult for women to obtain.
          The middle portions of the bill are familiar GOP territory.  The bill promises a cap on insurance at 200% of the average premium for the state.  It proposes a system of tax refunds and tax credits.  Those people with pre-existing conditions can supposedly obtain coverage while moving from job-provided coverage to other insurance groups if there has been no break in insurance coverage.  The huge joke on the working poor, who need the ACA is that too many of them are working at jobs designed to make them ineligible for employer provided coverage.  It does such workers no good to offer them a tax cut in order to purchase health insurance when they earn so little that they owe no income taxes.  Tax credits are equally specious and frankly offensive. 
          This bill is standard GOP/teavangelist policy.  The bill will simply eliminate insurance coverage for the working poor, the unemployed, and some of the former middle class, leaving the health insurance industry determining who gets care and who is denied after having paid decades of premiums. 
          As a physician, Congressman Roe may be better equipped than many elected officials to recognize problems in health care delivery.  I have no doubt that he wants to see a system that provides health care, which is decided upon by patient and doctor.  Unfortunately, he has adopted the “get sick, die quick” approach to health care that is the goal of health insurance companies. 
          What this nation needs is a health care system as envisioned by Harry Truman and later by Richard Nixon, a national health care single payer program.  Socialized Medicine?  Exactly.  I’d much rather my taxes go to pay for a national health insurance than to further enrich people paying their selves multi-million dollar bonuses made possible by denying health care to people.
          And by the way, Congressman, If the government is shutdown because your party thinks it is smart enough to destroy the economy so that the GOP/teavangelists can point to President Obama as the cause, please understand that millions of Americans will do everything that they can to make certain the blame is placed exactly where it actually belongs. 

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