Tuesday, March 24, 2015

24 March 2015 Rich sound

The latest iteration of hearing aids is now in. The part of the case inside the ear canal is gold plated. This is in hope that I will be able to wear them without the plastic case will not irritate my ears.

Of course, the technicians who clean and tepair audiology aids immediately dubbed me “gold ear.” Can't blame them for the nickname. I'd have hung something similar on someone else if they met the criteria. Have to admit that this is a great opening for creating a new “James Bond” film title &/or villain for said movie.

Have at it friends.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

21 March 2015 67 and still kicking

I've received quite a few messages wishing me a happy birthday. In an effort to thank everyone, I'm taking this route and posting this note.

To family members, thanks for all the support. It's nice to have you in my world.

Further, to all my FB friends, fishing friends, and those who flesh out surprisngly diverse intersecting groups of people who I share opinions or disagreements with, thank you each. There is room to fish with friends on our stretch of Cassi Creek.

To my Compendium friends, I cherish the longevity of this group and look forward to keeping on truckin' down the road with you. This has been one of the longest associations of people in my existance. Truly an amazing group of friends and compatriots. I may be markedly slowed by Parkinson's, but the music makes a major difference in my desire to keep listening.

I find that I need more time to read various posts, articles, etc. now. The time it takes to respond is also lengthened. I'm not ignoring or avoiding the world beyond my computer, just requiring longer to compose and proof every thing I write.

Discovered this past week that the claim for VA benefits I filed via the local TN veteran's service agency was improperly filed and somehow vanished into thin air. So Monday will begin a new claim process based upon the increasing severity of my particular brand of Parkinson's. It seems that the consultant who contracted with VA for neurology services did not document the progression of my symptoms, leaving that to a progression of residents, none of whom ever saw me more than once as they rotated through the neurology service. The contract consultant has left VA and I must now begin again with another physcian who practices in Kingsport. This is going to involve arguing with VA about mileage compensation.

That's all the outgoing traffic for today. Thanks, stay well, keep dancing!