Thursday, September 5, 2013

5 September 2013 Skin in the game

Cassi Creek:  I drove into Mountain Home this morning for a dermatology follow up.  While I have no suspicious lesions, the pigmentation I demonstrate puts me in an elevated risk category.  So, semi-annual exams are recommended.  My skin was literally in the game. 
          My appointment at 0900 meant that I needed to leave home at about 0745.  That allowed time for foggy roads and the parking lot dance.  I checked in on time, at about 0850.  I sat in the waiting room for nearly an hour while the television pumped out Fox News propaganda and misinformation.  Everyone else seemed to be agreeing with the broadcast.  It is Appalachia and they are veterans – mostly formerly enlisted personnel.  Sadly, that population tends to believe the Fox News / teavangelists BS.
          It is somewhat amusing seeing all the GOP legislators try to prevent going into Syria in any military manner while simultaneously bringing back their attempts to find some way to damage Obama for Benghazi. 
          It’s equally strange to see the Democrats supporting a war to provide humanitarian aid.  Kerry must feel really odd having to present the arguments for attacking Syria.  Time has odd ways of looping on and around us. 
          Gloria has a dental appointment today.  We try to combine travel when we can.  Today the intervals were wrong.  We both wound up driving in.   That gave me a chance to slip an orchid into the house for her. 

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