Friday, September 27, 2013

27 September 2013 wrapped in silver chords

Cassi Creek:  Mike, our downstream neighbor, loaned me his Fender Squire electric guitar today.   This will provide me with the time and tool needed to see if I can recover some of my former ability and skill.  If this proves positive, I can look further into acquiring a use instrument. 
          Four days until a possible government shutdown andn the House has recessed.  Any member who leaves DC should be recalled at once. 
          Bachmann is evidencing her complete divorce from reality by claiming that the ACA will “kill children and seniors.”  In reality, lack of health care, housing, food and other safety net features that Bachmann has repeatedly voted to abolish will kill Senior and children, 
          She exemplifies the unqualified legislator elected by the GOP/teavangelist mob.  The sooner she is out of office and convicted of the campaign financing and ethics violations leveled against her, the better.

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