Tuesday, September 17, 2013

17 September 2013 Airbags deployed without success.

Cassi Creek:  We dined in Jonesboro Saturday night.  The drive home was pleasant, with good weather, good visibility.  We returned home about 2000. 
          About 2200 Gloria began to hear distant sirens and commented on their apparent approach.  I went out to listen but heard only backing alarms.  We both went to the front deck but neither see nor hear anything unusual.  Then the helicopters arrived and began circling.
          The problematic neighbor who lives across the street has a 19 year old son.  We are unsure where the son lives we assume he is in residence when we hear gunfire at odd hours, as if someone is playing at movie or video gun use.  Too many shots to fast to be aimed at anything is the marker we use. 
          Said son, about 4 years ago was involved in a head-on collision.  He, in daddy’s truck met someone’s larger truck head-on while driving too fast for conditions.  Conditions were defined as very narrow county road with lots of intersecting driveways and some blind curves.  No insurance, of course. 
          Four years later, said son has girlfriend and child.  Employment unknown.  Girl friend has 1999 Buick. 
          To return to Saturday night, keep reading.  Said son is driving 1999 Buick south toward home.  As is habit, he is speeding.  Elderly couple – both 73- turn onto the road from their drive to motor north.  Said son crosses road and hits elderly couple in their neon head on.  One fatality at scene, one fatality at hospital.  Offending driver may have concussion.  All were wearing seat belts according to the police report.   Criminal charges are pending. 
          I’d like to think that such a tragedy would somehow begin to alter the way people drive on these Tennessee mountain roads.  But realistically, half the people driving around here are driving while impaired with revoked licenses and no insurance.  The other 50% think that they are NASCAR drivers who have yet to be discovered.  There is an intersect between the two groups. 

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