Saturday, September 7, 2013

7 September 2013 More bits and pieces

Cassi Creek:  The extra hour of sleep this morning was nice.  It should be a quiet day with no unusual developments. 
          Loki seems to be searching for places to sniff and search that could prove hazardous to her health.  There are at least two desirable snakes on the property.  We know of a large black snake and a large water snake.  We don’t know how many others of these reside close to the house or around the mowed and trimmed areas.  What is concerning is the unknown but probable presence of venomous snakes in the same area.  Loki can’t tell the difference and doesn’t know which ones to avoid. 
          When we mow and trim we destroy cover that may conceal small rodents and the snakes that hunt them.  Snakes can be very territorial so the newly cut/trimmed property must be approached with some degree of caution. 

          Moon, moons, and more moons

          Not in my United States

In the eyes of.....

Tomahawks cost $1.5 million per copy
Rocks cost somewhat less.

It will be interesting to see how the military reac.ts to the GOP/tea party as the sequester limits access to the tools they need to fight the war the GOP /tea party pushed them into


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