Thursday, September 26, 2013

26 September 2013 Around Good Hope or cruzing to nowhere

            “It remains to be seen whether major commentators and news orgs will clearly and forthrightly reckon with — and convey to readers — how insane the GOP position here really is. I laid out the reasons for this yesterday, but the short version is thatDemocrats are not asking Republicans to give up anything in requesting that they support a debt limit hike. They are not asking Republicans to agree to more spending. They are not asking for new taxes. They are simply asking Republicans to join them in making it possible for Congress to pay obligations it has already incurred, and in so doing, avert economic catastrophe for the whole country. There is no rationale for giving Republicans anything in return for this…”
            “… GOP SENATORS RAGE AT CRUZ’S DISHONESTY: The New York Times has a fun look at GOP Senators who are criticizing Ted Cruz for misleading conservatives into believing Obamacare can be defunded, making their lives miserable because voters are demanding they help Cruz make it happen. Here’s Tea Party Senator Ron Johnson:
Mr. Cruz and others who insist that they can prevail in defunding the health care law, Mr. Johnson added, are misleading voters who are looking to them for leadership that the party has lacked lately. “They just want anybody who offers them a path, whether it’s realistic or not,” he said.
            “..After years of misleading folks about Obamacare, the GOP is finding they can no longer control the monster all that dishonesty helped unleash. Going forward, though, what this means is that these anti-Obamacare voters will keep demanding GOP lawmakers pursue the futile quest to stop the law outside normal electoral channels.

            “* AND THE TEA PARTY CONTINUES SHRINKING: A new Gallup poll finds that only 22 percent of Americans now identify themselves as Tea Party supporters, close to an all-time low. Even the “intensity gap” no longer favors Tea Partiers, with the amount of “strong” Tea Party opponents outnumbering strong supporters. And yet, the Tea Party still wields outsized influence over the GOP agenda — underscoring, if anything, how disproportionate this influence remains.

Cassi Creek:  We may be actually entering a period when the lies and right wing propaganda begin to overwhelm the GOP’s base voters.  It’s possible that the tea party may have finally become so obviously rabid that they present a real danger to voters who recall when Cruz, Palin, and friends were objects of widespread derision and disgust.  In the days before drug-addicted blowhards like Limbaugh could sell their particular brand of snake oil to enough non-readers to affect the GOP’s policies, there still existed moderate Republicans who understood that conservative did not mean mentally deficient, and knew that destroying the national economy was equivalent to declaring war upon the U. S. and its citizens. 
            Perhaps, just perhaps, there may be a glimmer of hope breaking through the ugly scud and wrack that the winds of ignorance and pettiness blow toward financial warfare as a national policy.  We can hope.
 “Light a candle curse the glare!” 

Other miscellany:  As my left hand grip diminishes and my left shoulder refuses to hold the neck of a guitar without demanding a huge ration of discomfort,   I’m considering acquiring an electric guitar.  I’m wondering if the lower pressure demanded of the strings on an electric might bring me back into the realm of still trying musicians. 

            I don’t want to sink money into a new instrument.  I’d like to find a decent used guitar that isn’t too expensive or too beaten up.    Research time now.  

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