Saturday, September 14, 2013

14 September 2013 GOP kill list

Cassi Creek:
          The next month will be very interesting.  On those few days when Congress does show up for work, the GOP and teavangelists will spend their time and our taxation money in efforts to defund the ACA, to kill the food stamp program, to prevent immigration reform, and to shut down the government if they fail in their attempts to block anything the Obama administration proposes. 
          Most polls indicate that Americans don’t want a government shutdown.  The practice of total obstructionism is becoming both dangerous to the economy and annoying to a populace that goes to work every day but finds itself less and less well off with each month that passes.  While the once middle class sees the income gap grow larger and large, it also sees the continued stagnation of income for most Americans.  This disparity exists because Congress, particularly the GOP members, continue to dance to the tune called by lobbyists working for the major corporate conglomerates, making the very wealthy class into the very, very wealthy class. 
          The solution to this mess eludes me.  I can call for voting out the culprits.  But most voters will continue to vote for incumbents.  The GOP propaganda machine is extremely well funded by the very, very rich, the energy companies, insurance companies, firearms manufacturers, etc.  The GOP and teavangelists have been conditioned by endless repetitive misinformation campaigns to view education as an elitist enemy.  This is a war between the social classes that will continue to become more vicious and bitter as we watch the United States descend into third world status.


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