Friday, September 20, 2013

20 September 2013 Gypsies in the palace

Cassi Creek:
          I find myself becoming more and more angry at the idiocy coming out of the GOP/teavangelists.  There has been no budget action all this year and we are now within 10 days of a forced government showdown.  This is an intentional effort by the teavangelists to hold the nation hostage while they destroy the American economy.  The House has just passed an interim funding bill that includes provision for the “defunding of Obama Care.  The Senate will not pass the bill as long as that provision is included.  We are headed for a shutdown and a 2nd recession that will have worldwide implications.
          If the ACA should be defunded, only the health care benefits would be interrupted.  While millions of people would be deprived of health care, the regulations, record keeping, and all the ancillary administrative functions that are part of the ACA would continue.  The taxpayer would be paying but receiving no benefits.  The GOP continues to deal in half-truths and deliberate misinformation.
          These are the people who jump up and down proclaiming “American Exceptionalism.”  There’s nothing exceptional about being stupid enough to cause another recession/depression.  In fact, it’s simply sad that a highly vocal minority funded by billionaire industrialists has been allowed to overturn the orderly governance of this nation.  Without the GOP propaganda machine and the frighteningly large pool of poorly educated that make up their base, this might never have happened.  The nation is being held hostage by a tyrannical minority of right wing extremists who serve only the ideology they have been spoon-fed by the Koch brothers.  They complain loudly and continually about the supposed conversion of the U.S. into a socialist nation by Obama.  They fail to understand that they are helping to destroy the republic and replace it with a combined theocracy and oligarchy. 
          That’s what happens when the idiots vote other idiots into office.  We should probably prepare for ensuing third world status.

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