Saturday, June 9, 2012

9 June 2012 Just a good day, and that is enough

          Today is one of those days that leave you feeling good at day’s end. 
          Gloria took Loki out and brought the paper in so that I could sleep another half hour.  On a foundation of such small kindnesses, good days are built.
          We decided to prep two sorts chicken for tomorrow, ran into Food City, and found everything we went in for.  Gloria wanted to look at a local pottery sales group.  She talked with the powers that be and may have another opportunity to have her jewelry displayed there. 
          We learned about a new Mediterranean restaurant in Johnson City.  We stopped there for a late lunch.  Only the lunch menu was available to order from.  They brought us the full dinner menu to look at.   The cuisine is Turkish and appears to be quite inclusive.  We may very well have settled the question of where to eat on our anniversary. 
          While we were finishing lunch, we ran into Dr, Colin Baxter, formerly Professor Emeritus at ETSU – history dept., and his wife.  He taught the “history of modern warfare course that I enjoyed so much.  He seems to believe that I could do well as a historian. I value his opinion but doubt I have the ability to focus on the material as well as I might like to.  I guess some of that goes with the territory. 
          We will snack for and after dinner tonight. 
          It’s good to have days like today, and important to recognize them when they take place. 
          Today is a good day!

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