Wednesday, June 27, 2012

27 June 2012 19years and still thrilled!

Cassi Creek:  19 years ago today, in Columbia Maryland, Gloria and I stood beneath the Chuppa and were married in front of family and friends.  She looked radiantly beautiful and I was presentable.  We honeymooned on Cape Cod, canoed the salt marshes, went whale watching, saw rare and endangered swans, and dined repeatedly on lobster. 
          In the past 19 years, we’ve moved 4 times, undergone multiple spinal surgeries, (our scars match) and lost family.  We’ve both become disabled.  We’ve experienced many of the stressors of modern marriage. 
          We’ve learned how wonderful life can be with each other’s support and love.  What began as a whirl-wind, computer-driven chance – encounter; has matured into a rock-solid marriage that each day finds us more deeply in love with each other than before.  This marriage is not the commercial dating service algorithmic coupling of two people out of resources and willing to believe that they are being conjoined by some powerful force. 
          We had no intention of using an on-line dating service.  There were few of those in existence in 1992.  We just became friends and let that lead us into the future.  The computers were only tools we used to communicate.
          Now, 19 years later I’m still thrilled when I hear her voice, happy when I see her grin.  That thrill, sharing the day with her, waking up next to her, is still there and still growing in intensity. 
          Happy 19th anniversary, Gloria!  I love you more each day!


  1. What a wonderful story! I got chills as I read it. How nice to hear a great story of two people still in love after 19 years.
    Happy Anniversary to you both!


  2. Very cool. And Gloria does have a world-class smile!