Monday, June 25, 2012

25 June 2012 The best laid plans...

          With the best of intentions firmly in mind, I only hit the “snooze” button twice this morning between 0615 and 0623.  Today the Pathfinder is to be delivered for a search and removal procedure.  The hoped-for “magical mystery cleansing” did not occur during the still, dark hours. 
          We clambered into both vehicles and took the back roads up to highway 11E.  The Pathfinder is now in the care of Auto Solutions.  We hope it can be retrieved today.   We also requested that the shop tighten an electrical connection that continues to cause the left speaker channels to drop out of service. 
          Since we were out and moving well, we decided to pick up some foods only available locally at the Mennonite store on highway 107.  We found most of the items we wanted and headed for the checkout lane.  Some sort of power outage had rendered the credit/debit card readers inoperable.  We had a large bag of groceries with no way to pay for them.  Neither of us carries much cash now, and we rarely have a checkbook with us.  We had just enough cash to pay for Gloria’s milk and some cheese that we had sliced for us.  Everything else was left at the checker’s station to be restocked. 
          The store has no backup procedure for days when the card scanners are non-functional. 
          We are tied down now, awaiting the notice to retrieve the Nissan.  I am not a patient person, do not wait well.  I left the Mennonite store feeling annoyed and disgruntled.    However, if I stop and consider, I must admit that my day has, and will, turn out better than will that of whatever beast now decomposes somewhere within my Pathfinder. 

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