Sunday, June 24, 2012

24 June 2012 Wanted, one cold snap

          I need a cloudy, unusually cool day.  I need cool temperatures to slow the decomposition of the unknown, unseen animal that seems to be waging chemical warfare against our Pathfinder. 
          Recently, the unknown animal found its way in and died.  The animal and its odor were not removed by a trip through a car wash with under-carriage attention.   The smell appeared to be gone for about three days.  Friday it was definitely back.   .  So were the hotter than normal temperatures that accelerate decomposition.  It has been 90°F or higher every day since.
          The next step, taking place tomorrow morning, is professional help.  The Pathfinder goes into the shop for a deeper, more conclusive search and removal procedure.  This will most likely involve a dashboard-otomy. 
          Once the offending former organism is located, the problem becomes odor elimination.  There are some products available that are used in crime scene and in non-forensic clean-ups that may work.  The possibility that the smell can’t be conquered brings to mind the several urban myths about luxury vehicles rendered un-inhabitable by decomposition.  The next question, following possible eradication is financial.  We wonder if our Geico insurance will pay all or part of the cost for this trip to the garage.  Fingers crossed.
          I will drive the Pathfinder in for service and Gloria will pick me up.  My sense of smell is somewhat damaged by exposure to formalin over many years.  One hates to lose any sensory function, but it may be somewhat helpful tomorrow.

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