Saturday, June 16, 2012

16 June 2012 Nothing “intra” in their “intra – faith”

          The local newspaper contains a notice in the weekly Saturday religion section that an “intra-faith” rally will be held to protest the proposed HHS regulations requiring health insurance plans to provide funding for female contraceptives.  The scheduled speakers include one U.S. Congressman and two Tennessee legislators, both Republican.  The sponsoring organizations include local Roman Catholic churches and local evangelical Baptist churches. 
          The local community will most likely turn out to absorb the lies being pumped into the GOP/teavangelist anti-Obama machine. Local gospel/rockabilly music will fill gaps between demagoguery.  The overall theme of this 2-hour rant will be that the Obama administration is stripping American citizens of their 1st Amendment religious freedom. 
          Un-noticed in its absence, the truth about the proposed Obama insurance regulations. 
          Insurance companies operate on a for-profit basis.  They don’t care who takes what, or who has what procedure performed where, as long as they get their portion of the cash flow generated by the incident.  Insurance companies, despite the Supreme Court’s ruling, are not people and have no religion. 
          Despite the lies used to oppose requirement that insurance companies provide contraceptive coverage, no one is being deprived of religious freedom.  No one is being forced to undergo an abortion.  No one is being forced to take or use any form of contraception.  No one is being deprived of their right to practice their faith. 
          What is happening?
          The religious right, GOP/teavangelists, is making another attempt to force every citizen of the U.S. to observe the beliefs and practices of those narrow-minded, highly intolerant of other faiths, evangelical, fundamentalist Christian cults.  The rally sponsors are so intolerant that they did not get sponsorship from the many less fundamentalist churches in the city.  They promise “intra-faith” but fail to include all of their Christian co-religionists.  As for the non-Christian sponsors that would make it truly interfaith, don’t waste the time and energy looking for them.  There will be no Muslims, no Jews, no Buddhists, no Hindus invited to celebrate our “religious freedom.”  Before this group of teavangelists invites anyone not tied to remaking this nation into a theocracy, the mythical gates of hell will be frozen.

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