Thursday, June 28, 2012

28 June 2012 Victory for the common people

Cassi Creek:  Today is well begun.  Today is a day in which a little gloating is allowed.  Today is a day to listen to the wails, moans, and hopefully impotent threats of the GOP/teavangelists who have been soundly defeated by the Obama administration. 
          It is now apparent that health care reform can proceed without the probability of the teavangelists enacting a deliberately underfunded voucher system as called for in the proposed Ryan budget championed by the GOP/teavangelists. 
          I must admit that I believed that the Roberts Court would find most of the affordable care act to be unconstitutional, and would deliver a victory to the teavangelist/GOP wing along the nature of the corporations’ equal people decision.  I do not believe that corporations are equivalent to persons with respect to the 1st Amendment’s free speech clause.  The Citizens’ United decision did nothing for free speech but did everything possible to allow the purchase of political office.
          I don’t care that the Commerce Clause was found to be inappropriate.  The cost of health insurance should be configured as a universal tax imposed upon all citizens to pay for health care in a universal manner.  We’ve taken some large steps away from third world, multi-tiered health care today.  The goal of universal, national health insurance seems a bit closer today. 
          We still need to contain inflationary costs for health care.  We need to come to grips with the questions raised by end of life realities.  We need to realize that a dignified, pain-free death is to be preferred over the slow internal meltdown of all systems imposed by technology and by physicians who view patient deaths as personal affronts.  We need to educate families so that older members are not kept alive to vegetate at the insistence of some religious cult that views suffering as a ticket to the hereafter.  We need to form realistic guidelines on hospitalization vs. hospice care.  And we need to realize that a humane death is everyone’s right. 
          We’ve a long way to go to convert our for profit health care system into a universal healthcare system.  It won’t be an easy change.  But as of today, it becomes possible. 
          And as of today, it is possible to hear the moaning bitching complaints of the GOP/teavangelists as they promise to gut Obama’s plan for health care and to hope that they rapidly become aware of how they will be hated if they try.  The outcome of the 2012 election suddenly looks more promising.

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