Friday, June 22, 2012

22 June 2012 Same targets, fire for effect

Cassi Creek:         yesterday’s mental meanderings proclaimed that finding Eric Holder in contempt of Congress was akin to the anti-Communist witch-hunts of the McCarthy era. 
          I suggested that Holder should be in contempt of Congress and the NRA.
          Nothing has transpired since yesterday’s opinion to change my mind about this clusterfuck being played out by Boehner, Cantor, and the GOP money fairies that spread super-Pac dollars around Capitol Hill like cow shit in a feeder-lot. 
          It is always enjoyable to find something I wrote being supported (however unintentionally) by one of the big media opinion gurus.  Today’s Washington Post has an op-ed piece by Eugene Robinson, which provides some shared opinion status to what I posted yesterday.  I’m pleased to find the synchronicity as well as the similarity of viewpoint. 
          I write this daily drivel in an effort to offset the slow decay of age on what gray drive material still functions.  Once in a while, I get a bit of feedback, which indicates I have voiced an opinion that a happenstance reader finds agreeable.   I always appreciate this feedback.  I imagine other writers do as well.  Even if one is paid to produce print, it helps to have that small bit of public evidence that one is not simply scattering words like firing a shotgun into a dark room. 
          It pleased me to find Mr. Robinson’ column in today’s WaPo.  Here’s where I get to point and say, “See there!  One of the big guns feels the same way I do.”  Therefore, Mr. Robinson, on the off chance that you may have been that happenstance reader, let me offer you a heart-felt “Well done!” 
          And in passing, thanks for backing me up.

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