Thursday, June 21, 2012

21 June 2012 In utmost contempt of Congress and the NRA

Cassi Creek
          There is a witch-hunt taking place in Washington, D.C.
          The attorney General, Eric Holder, is going to be found to be in contempt of the Congress.  He should be, for Congress is nothing if not contemptible. 
          Mr. Holder refuses to provide some document that Rep Issa and his minions believe might possibly help them in their 3.5-year long quest to overturn the 2008 Presidential election.  Mr. Holder is obviously a suitable witch candidate by virtue of his race and his association with President Obama.   Mr. Holder, and now President Obama, who invoked executive privilege yesterday in this matter are going to be declared to be in contempt of Congress in pursuit of the effort to delegitimize President Obama. 
          Following the death of a border patrol agent, it was found that the weapon, which was used to kill him, was involved in a tracking operation by the ATF.  This operation, with roots in the Bush II administration, was ill conceived from the beginning.  “Operation Fast and Furious?”  Who has so little and so poor an imagination as to use that movie title?
          Congress, the GOP/teavangelist, wings of it anyway, hopes to pin a wrongful death and an imagined cover up on Holder and his Justice Dept. If they can’t find a means to remove Obama, they will eagerly pick off one of his friends.  This is rather reminiscent of the 1993 efforts to paint a suicide as murder and tar the Clintons in the beginning days of the effort to unseat him.  Any member of the Obama administration is fair game for slander.  Any Obama appointee is to be kept dangling, un-approved, while they lies and slander machine lambasts the Obama admin for failing to fill appointee slots.  A witch is a witch in the eyes of the teavangelists and any witch will do for a public inquisition and burning.  Congress is truly contemptible. 
          But even more contemptible is the less apparent reason for the witch-hunt.  The ATF maintains that hundreds of assault-style rifles are being purchased at gun stores along the U.S.-Mexican border and then smuggled into Mexico in violation of the laws of both nations. 

Commentary: NRA could help stop Mexico's gun violence
Andres Oppenheimer | The Miami Herald
            “When we talk about the violence that has left nearly 50,000 dead in Mexico over the past five years, we usually focus on Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel, or the Juárez cartel, but it may be time to include the U.S. National Rifle Association cartel…”
            “Last year, the NRA sued the Obama administration for regulation requiring that gun merchants in U.S.-Mexico Border States report bulk sales of assault weapons. It accused the administration of acting without congressional approval. Arulanandam said the measure is “ridiculous,” because “it tries to go after multibillion-dollar criminal enterprises like drug cartels by going after them with a paperwork violation.”
            “My opinion: The NRA and U.S. gun manufacturers have the right to defend the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment provision allowing Americans to keep and bear arms. But the Second Amendment doesn’t say that Americans have the right to buy bazookas, or AK-47s, or other military-style weapons, or to purchase dozens of them and sell them to whomever they want.
            “It’s time to stop this nonsense, which is causing so many deaths in Mexico, and also in the United States.

The fingers, justifiably pointing at the NRA as a resource for the Mexican drug cartels and the efforts by the current administration to limit or end such gunrunning have angered the men who make their immense incomes pimping for the arms merchants who make and market knock-off copies of Soviet-era assault weapons, as well as U.S. manufacturers firearms. 
          The NRA, as we all know, funnels millions of arms dollars back to re-election campaign funds.  They are in league with Congress and in thrall to the arms traders, large and small.
          I am a gun owner.  Do not belong to or pay any money to the NRA.   I’ve been a shooter since my earliest Boy Scouting days.  I happily pay the taxes on guns and ammunition that help fund wildlife preserves, animal conservation, and state conservation agencies.  Legal gun owners pay those taxes with each purchase.  Straw buyers, those purchases the NRA claims don’t take place, don’t pay those taxes.  In effect, those smugglers and gunrunners are cheating the hunters who still provide meat for their tables.  The NRA is no longer working to benefit hunters and marksmen.  It is not really interested in maintaining the 2nd Amendment for any purpose other than to bring in huge paychecks for the lobbyists and pimps who have no claim to a shared history with the men and women who fought to free this nation from its colonial status. 
          If pressed, I’d have to say that I hold the NRA in greater contempt than Congress.   But only slightly greater.  A whore by any other name still fills a Congressional seat.


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