Thursday, June 7, 2012

7 June 2012 Why I love my cable-ISP provider

          In the merry month of April the HD-DVR, which we rent from Comcast, began to rattle loudly when re-winding or advancing.  This suggested impending hard drive failure.  In mid-May we decided that its increasing level of undesirable noise required action.  Gloria drew the short straw and placed the call for service.  Her efforts resulted in her call being routed to Mexico.  The soonest mutually acceptable service window was 5 June. 
          Monday, 4 June, we received 3 robo-calls from Comcast.  Two of those wanted us to indicate whether or not we still needed service for internet problems.  The 3rd wanted to know if the problem had been resolved satisfactorily. 
          Tues , 5, June, we received one robo-call asking if we still wanted service  Then, the service tech called to confirm the nature of the problem and to be sure we were available. 
          He replaced the existing DVR with an older box that made a loud rattle, even louder than the unit being swapped out did.  He ran through his diagnostics and checked the internet functions for the house.  The house is fine. 
          Tuesday PM we began to see pixilation on direct box > TV feed.  Yesterday we had the chance to watch a recorded program.  In the course of one hour, we were treated to pixilation, video dropouts, audio dropouts, and sloppy response to advance and reverse commands. 
          It took me 30 minutes to have my call for service routed to Mexico and to schedule a service call for today.  Those 330 minutes were divided between asking me to fill out customer satisfaction surveys and on-hold time.  Surprisingly, when I insisted on an appointment for today, one somehow became available. 
          There was only one robo call today, and another from the service tech.  The tech arrived on time but with an old, rebuilt, DVR.  He discovered a feedback that I can’t hear.  There may have been a bad cable connector, which he replaced.  That didn’t cure the feedback.  A of now we have another DVR that is scheduled for a Monday swap out. 
          I expect two robo-calls before day’s end to ask how satisfied I am with their customer service call center, and with their technical service.
          I love my cable company so much! 
          “How can we do better?” they always want to know. 
          Here’s the answer:
          There are millions of Americans who want jobs.  Hire them instead of off shoring to Mexican call centers.
          I don’t watch. And will never watch, shopping, sports, &/or religious channels.  Make me a package without any of those channels.
          Stop the robo-calls.  I’ll talk to a human.  I don’t care to push buttons.
          Your customer service, robotic and offshore, sucks.  Fix it.

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