Sunday, June 3, 2012

3 June 2012 NC to outlaw sea level changes

          “North Carolina is no stranger to the “if you dislike it then you should have made a law against it” model of legislation, but this is extreme: The state General Assembly’s Replacement House Bill 819 would rule that scientists are not allowed to accurately predict sea-level rise. By all legal calculations, the sea level will now rise eight inches by the end of the century. Sure, so far models have predicted an increase of more than three feet, but if they keep that shit up, they’re going to JAIL. “
Cassi Creek:   This is another wonderful example of magical thinking, widely practiced by teavangelists, who seem unable to understand  why they consistently wind up with failure.    I wonder at the quality of education that even, briefly, allows people to consider the possibility that legislators can vote to change the physical rules, which control this planet.  It is frightening to find even a small population that learned so little about science as to bring such a bill up for consideration in the 21st century.  It is no wonder that people believe, ala Palin, that dinosaurs and humans co-existed.  The degree of intellectual damage caused by inclusion of pseudo-scientific arcane such as “intelligent design” and “creationism” in biology and other science classes in order to satisfy the demands of teavangelists is plainly demonstrated in this North Carolina effort to overrule physics with idiocy. 
            In this one incident, we see the justification for creating a national educational program encompassing all 50 states.  We don’t need any more North Carolina legislators sprinkling fairy dust on students.  We do need to ban any form of religion being taught as science.  One Mississippi is more than enough.
            We had a great afternoon yesterday.  We went to Bays Mountain Park planetarium.  While there, we had a chance to watch the rangers feed the resident wolf population.  Truly magnificent animals!
            We stopped at The Creekside in Jonesborough for  dinner.  We split a rack of ribs.  That order may well have been the best ribs I’ve ever eaten in a restaurant.  The smoke ring began at the outer edge and continued down to the periostial /bone interface.   No grease, no fat, just succulent meat that pulled easily off the bone.  To paraphrase McArthur…

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