Sunday, June 17, 2012

17 June 2012 Too much of nothing

Cassi Creek:  The GOP/teavangelist drive to dismantle the partialy socialize medicine program that is Medicare is always based upon the voucher myth.  The insurance companies will supposedly offer an insurance plan that is matched to the amount of money, most likely to be obtained from the various states, that will be provided in the vouchers.  The policy holder will then be expected to cover any shortages. 
          In fact, the vouchers will be inadequate from the day of issue.  Seniors are going to have collectively higher costs for health care.  The insurance companies will have no intention of absorbing losses not met by the voucher system.  A third world delivery system will result. 
          The inability of seniors to purchase health insurance after retiring or after being laid off was a primary factor in the creation of  Medicare.  The failure in its creation was the decision to not make it include all citizens as a socialized delivery system. 
          Many members of Congress are old enough to recall those days when any serious illness or injury was a death sentence.  It is incumbent upon those members to remind the Congress’ younger members of what this was like.  The insurance companies want to maintain the high profits they currently pay their selves rather than support an aging population’s medical needs.  It is particularly shameful that there are members of Congress who are or were physicians, and who support the insurance companies position over that of the American public. 
          Even more deserving of wrath is the Senate for its handling of Jamie Dimont and the rest of the Wall Street and Big Bankinag thieves.  Listening to the GOP/teavangelists simper and suck up to Dimont is proof of how deeply the esteemed members of the Senate, and of the House, are in the pockets of the financial industry.  The likelihood of a follow-on recession is extremely high.  Should it take place, the blame belongs on the Congress and on the financial thieves who pay for Congress’s re-election campaigns.  It is time to relieve them of their elected sinacures, and to re-establish strong ethical and legal controls on the financial industry. 
          Any voter not able to see this, any voter still willing to vote for a candidate who is in thrall to corporate America, deserves what they suffer.  The rest of us need to remind theme loudly and often of which candidates are growin fat on the backs of the vanishing middle class. 


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