Friday, June 29, 2012

29 June 2012 I guess it depends on how you spell bureaucrat and sinecure.

After yesterday’s SCOTUS decision was handed down, Congressman Roe assumed the universal disgruntled GOP/teavangelist facial expression and his office cranked out what appears to be standard teavangelist propaganda. 
          ““The court’s ruling gives renewed urgency to our efforts to repeal this law. If we allow its full implementation, our health care decisions will forever be in the hands of Washington bureaucrats. Despite the disappointing ruling, I am committed to working to repeal the law and address critical health care challenges that face our nation with reforms that lower health care costs.”
Cassi Creek:         Please explain to me, Congressman, why I should fear having my medical paperwork initiated and expedited by a GS-5 level employee of the United States. But should not fear the same paperwork being processed by the corporate equivalent of that GS-5.  The GS-5 will have guidelines that specify what treatments and procedures are appropriate for specific diagnosis.  Those guidelines will be established with the goal being the most benefit to the patient.  The corporate equivalent will also have guidelines specifying which diagnoses are to receive no treatment, with the goal being the most profit for the least patients treated. 
          The GOP/teavangelists have tried to defeat the affordable health care act multiple times.  It should become obvious to even that portion of your voter base that exists only to hate president Obama, that our nation needs to join the modern nations of the world and implement universal health care.  It costs far less to provide preventative care with early intervention if necessary than it does to treat patients in terminal stages of preventable diseases.  What we spend in taxes will be more than recovered by what we don’t spend treating the un-insured. 
          How many more times will the teavangelists, anti-intellectuals, and the NRA use their pseudo-patriotism and bigotry to prevent this nation doing what is right for the middle class and the working poor while Congress allows them to obstruct all progress and effort?
          It is time for compromise, time to eliminate 2-4 year long campaigns paid for by billionaires and super pacs, time to eject corporate America from the halls of Congress.

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