Monday, June 11, 2012

11 June 2012 bottom drawer top shelf

How many words do you know?
Cassi Creek:  It is well and truly Monday.  We’re waiting for the Comcast tech to swap out, yet, another DVR box and restore the connection to what it was.  Our appointment is 0800 – 2000.  We arose and showered early this morning to be ready for an early resolution.  Foolish of us.  We may still be waiting tomorrow. 
          While waiting, I grabbed another incomplete repair to complete.  The replacement shelf for the refrigerator, the part that was backordered for two months, was the wrong part.  Back to the phone to get an RGA and to order the correct part.   The old part is now boxed, labeled, and will be dropped off at UPS. 
          Gloria’s new contacts are incorrectly made it appears.  That entails a trip into town.  I’ll drive her in and return the last pair of shoes to Mahoneys.  I may have found a better fitting pair in the Brooks Ghost line.  But it also appears that any new shoes I try to wear will be size 13. 
          The vocabulary challenge above is partly for fun.  It is also partly for the chance to boast a bit.  64 years of voracious reading fiction and non-fiction have conferred a reasonably large vocabulary.  Training for spelling competitions in grade school citywide contests helped with the acquisition of a decent vocabulary, too.  I was a city champion one year and a runner up another.  I have no idea why there was no higher level of competition.  I’d have competed. 
          The spelling mistakes I make are treated to a trip through a spell-check program.  They tend to be the same words, some sort of patterned brain glitch that I seem to have developed over the years. 
          Books are windows into everything.  Even in VietNam I carried something to read in those moments when it was safe and permissible.  Gloria gave me a Kindle 3rd gen e-reader last year for our anniversary.  I promptly named it “18th” in honor of the love, behind the gift.  I’ve never received a more appropriate and desired gift.  It is loaded with books from the library, classic literature, fiction, some sci-fi, and books on mathematics, physics, chemistry, and other mind-stretching material.  It carries two dictionaries.
          It’s rainy, cloudy.  We have some wonderful Thai-style chicken left over from the chicken Gloria marinated yesterday for me to roast.  We’ll have that over salad for dinner. 

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