Wednesday, June 13, 2012

3 June 2012 Cleaning out the cartoon files

          Since I began this less than valuable attempt at documenting what I was thinking of at the moment; along with those (mostly) political events that I deem worthy of praising or condemning, I have not failed to post some bit of drivel to the project’s records.  Most of that material has been opinion, some has been needless repetition, and the random bit of noteworthy commentary may have found its way into the mix. 
          Since I began the project in hopes of slowing mental degradation, choosing to weave words rather than to work crossword puzzles, I can honestly relate that I seem to be grasping for the proper word in conversation less frequently.  That observation indicates the project may be successful.  I can only draw this conclusion with respect to spoken conversations.  While writing, it is simply a matter of opening an on-line dictionary or thesaurus if I find myself flailing in some mental cavern that refuses to let the proper words fly.
          I have no actual idea how many people read my post with any regularity, at some longer intervals, or even by random accident.  If you do read my thoughts and pre-occupations, I thank you for your kindness and perseverance.  If you visit my posts only infrequently, I applaud your good sense.  If you’ve reached this post by random accident, feel free to use it to frighten small children and local vermin that may visit your doorstep seeking amusement, shelter, or food. 
          I’ve copied and saved a large number of political cartoons that I uploaded as part of my posts.  Today I’m cleaning out many of those files so that the ones I intend to use in the next five months will be easier to find and use in future posts.  Due to the nature of the Win7 opsys, the project takes longer than I would like. 
          There is a bit of serious thought I’ll offer today.  Obama is being loudly criticized for stating that the private sector is doing fine.  He’s right despite the protestations of the GOP/teavangelists.  The private sector – big oil, big medical insurance, big coal, big finance- are all doing well.  They’ve all reported record earnings and profits over the last year.  To accept anything else as valid is to buy into the GOP lies machine. 
          Small businesses are doing less well because the control exercised by big finance and off-shored corporations is designed to prevent such profits by small businesses.  And to be honest, most small businesses are not ever going to show such massive profits. 
          The private sector does not honestly include middle class people running local businesses.  It never will again.  The new robber barons and their tamed and paid for Congress are going to make certain of that. 
          They are, of course, helped by their conditioned voter base, the flying monkey corps of the teavangelists.  It is easy to miss factual reporting when it is drowned out at every opportunity by the mindless baying of Faux News and the talk radio demagogues and their minions. 
          We need to find a method to eliminate the teavangelist base from the voter base.  If we don’t object to a bit of illegality, Florida seems to have a system that is ramping up to remove all “those people.”  Unfortunately, “those people”, voters who might possibly vote against the GOP/teavangelist candidates, are being removed from the voter roles without notice.   They will show up on Election Day to vote, only to be told that they have been removed from the register of voters. 
          The GOP/teavangelists are frantically trying to make it harder for citizens to vote, claiming that there is rampant voter fraud.  I find little evidence of genuine voter fraud.  What fraud exists in our system is directly tied to GOP/teavangelists’ efforts.  However, they seem so much less worried about the wholesale fraud they are committing by secretly disenfranchising hundreds of thousands of legal voters.


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