Saturday, June 2, 2012

2 June 2012 2nd cup of coffee no paper

Cassi Creek:         The hike out to the mailbox this morning was an exercise in futility x2. 
          Our downstream neighbor is away for a while.  He’s asked me to pick up his mail until he returns.  I’m happy to do this as it meshes with part of my morning routine anyway.
          The package I picked yesterday, to re-label and mail for him, is too large to fit into our mailbox.  The morning newspaper is missing, again. 
          The paper delivery is becoming problematic again.   When I called in the lack of paper to the circulation desk, I was told there was no way to have one delivered this morning.  Opting for credit was the best solution.  Reading a Saturday paper on Sunday is of little benefit when the features we want are time sensitive.  We’re debating dropping the paper, again. 
          I put a lead on the dog and hiked the package downstream to the appropriate mailbox.  I’ll have to hike down later to make sure it was picked up by the carrier. 
          It was enjoyable to be able to sleep in a bit longer this morning.  Both shoulders are sending notice that sleeping late will not be an option for much longer. 
          Still, there’s a lot going on that makes me happy to be here with Gloria. 
Shabbat Shalom!

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