Saturday, June 23, 2012

23 June 2012 To Congress in plain language

          I intend to make you aware of my concerns for the 2012 elections.  Please read this carefully and be aware that it is applicable to all members of the House and the Senate.
          I voted in 2008 and will vote in 2012.  How I will vote in November is largely dependent upon how you conducted yourselves since 2008.
          Pay attention, I have many friends who feel as I do. 
          You were elected to represent the people of your district or state, not energy companies, not insurance companies, not investment banks, not hedge fund owners.  I regard your acceptance of gifts and campaign funds from corporations as graft and bribery.  Campaign finance laws have been introduced.  Pass them in both chambers and send them to the President, now.
          Financial regulations were enacted for a valid reason after the Great Depression.  When the GOP/teavangelists stripped them away, we learned again how greed and malfeasance could wreck a global economy.  Put the regulations back and keep them in effect. I don’t care if your campaign funds dry up, many of your constituents have lost everything they worked for and their jobs thanks to Congress’ pandering to big finance. 
          No one elected Grover Norquist.  He and his pledge should become examples of political stupidity, found only in footnotes of textbooks.  He is powerless if you refuse to allow him power.  He is also willing to wreck the remainder of our economy.  Ignore him, ignore his pledge, and send him home today.
          Despite the protestations of the GOP/teavangelists, government is not a business. Quit trying to make it one.  It is impossible to have a government without taxes.  Taxes are the price of civilization.  Those people who think otherwise might benefit from a vacation in Somalia.
          There is no war on Christianity.  This is not and should never be a “Christian nation.”  Those who insist otherwise are invited to vacation in Iran, Afghanistan, or Pakistan.  Those who want religion in schools are invited to pay for parochial schools.
          Healthcare, education, and social safety networks are markers for civilization.  Most Americans are willing to pay for those items via taxation.  We don’t want to live in a 3rd world nation where such services and benefits are unavailable.  We need a single-payer national health insurance with enrollment obligatory for all citizens.  We need national education standards, not 50 separate curricula.  One Mississippi is one too many. 
          The EPA does not “kill jobs”, it saves the lives of people endangered by corporate greed.  Science is not an alternate to religion.  It is reality expressed in replicable formats and values.  Scientists do not fake results to retain grants, they are not politicians. 
          You and your fellow elected need to give up the idea of further vacation or other days off.  You, collectively, have done nothing to merit vacation or increases in compensation.  You owe a huge dept to the men and women who elected you, not to the corporations, which now behave as if they own you. 
          You were not elected to overturn the Presidential election.  The bigotry that drives the stated intention of Mr. Boehner and Mr. McConnell, to wreck the Obama presidency despite the cost to the nation; does not belong in the United States.  So please use the rest of 2012 to complete the job you promised to do.  Let the President do his. 

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