Wednesday, January 1, 2014

1 January 2014 Another year another chance

Cassi Creek:  Cold, partly cloudy, and not supposed to rain today.  The forecast for tomorrow is rain>snow.  Not at all surprising this winter. 

          The GOP’s continued thrust will be to destroy the social safety nets in an attempt to roll the workplace conditions back to the Dickensian days.  Homeless people, freezing to death, is not a rumor or an ad campaign.  It happens all too frequently.  What is most upsetting is the GOP/teavangelists’ refusal to consider caring for the homeless, unemployed, poorly fed, poorly educated members of a rapidly increasing populace; while simultaneously demanding that unwanted pregnancies be treated as punishment inflicted upon  American women who are denied ready and reasonable access to birth control education and medications. 
          It is as if they are insistent upon breeding a population of slaves who will be used and discarded. 

          Also undercutting the nation is the our auto-espionage taking place in government and corporate data mining programs.  What information isn’t stolen from us by these entities will most likely be posted of our own volition. 

Happy 2014 to us all.  

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