Tuesday, January 14, 2014

14 January 2014 “I’ve got other deals to make”

          Seems to me that any health care solution that allows health insurance companies to write any part of the legislation is, by definition, a deal with the devil. 
          Politics invites such deals by its very nature.  Combine a lust for power with greed, and far too many of us will cave in when offered an opportunity to sell a vote  in exchange for campaign funding when needed for re-election.  Others will sell votes to advance ideology.  There are very few politicians today who have not made such deals.  There are very few who will not make such deals again.

          We woke up to rain.  Currently, 1241, it is partly cloudy with brief periods of sunlight accompanied by a cool wind.  We log an outdoor temperature of 47°F.  There is a likelihood of snow tonight and tomorrow.

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