Saturday, January 4, 2014

4 January 2014 We’re having a heat wave

Cassi Creek: at 1026, the temperature has increased from 13 °F to 23 °F.  We see forecast temps at 43 °F as the high for the day.  That could melt most of the ice currently on the decks and stairs.  However, the drips from the roof will leave some black ice patches, which will require caution to avoid. 
          The predictions for the coming week are grim and will likely become record lows for much of the CONUS.  We are in the queue for extreme low temperatures and wind chill.  If we log the predicted lows, it will be too cold to do the morning hike with Mike for a couple of days.  We’ve scrubbed most of last week for various reason including snow and wind chill. 
          Hauled more wood from the rack to the rear deck.  The oak is incredibly dense and heavy, hard to ignite.  We’ve found that starting it with some larger softwood pieces helps. 
          The looming storm system is going to be brutal here.  We worry about wind and the trees on our property.  In spite of that concern, we are much better off than the people in the more northern states.  Good luck to all in what is beginning to look like a Fimbul Winter. 

          Of course, this winter will feed the misinformation pool for those who choose not to believe that climate change is occurring on a global scale.  The concept of global heat balancing is somehow beyond them.  

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