Saturday, January 25, 2014

25 January 2014 Good day to be…

Cassi Creek:  It is 1155.  Since 1000, we’ve had about an inch of snow.  There are no indications that the snow will stop in the near future.  Temperatures remain in the upper 20s.  Good day to be inside.
          The shootings in Columbia MD are apparently under control.  Three are reported dead.  There have been three shootings at universities since last Monday.  It has been a good day to be off campus.  The number of gunfire injuries and deaths keeps climbing while gun lobbyists prevent any meaningful legislation and regulation.  Good day to be off campus and away from malls and other gathering sites. 
          Steady stream of birds to Gloria’s feeders.  The male cardinals stand out vividly against the background of deciduous trees and the hemlocks and pines that grow further out from the house. 
          There is a very soft quiet nature to the world outdoors today.  There is very little traffic on Cassi Road at the moment.  All things considered, It’s a good day to be here. 
          Time to service the stove and relight the fire.

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