Sunday, January 12, 2014

12 January 2014 Doctor said, “Give ‘em jug band music”

Cassi Creek:  We logged 1.75 inches of rain in about 3.5 hours yesterday morning.  The high winds forecast for our neighborhood did not materialize here.  They were evident in North Carolina.  I’ll take the rain over the wind most any day.
          Was pleased to see John B. Sebastian on the tube this morning.  He appeared in a “Sunday Morning” piece about Martin guitars.  He’s always been one of my favorite singer/songwriters.  I like his easy-going style and his fluid use of language.  I guess, the last time I saw him perform live was in 197o or 71. 

          It is apparent that we Boomers are aging.  My face in the mirror reminds me of that every morning and evening.  But the change in appearance from the image I’ve carried around of a young Sebastian was brutally trampled by the face and voice I encountered this morning.  

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