Monday, January 20, 2014

20 January 2014 Brave the storm that’s coming

Cassi Creek:  Brave the storm, indeed.  It seems that another polar vortex is about to intrude into the warmer air mass that should be providing a more normal east coast weather pattern. 
          The prediction for our area is for snow, more snow, and cold temperatures equaling or exceeding the record lows set earlier this month.  I hope that the lows don’t drop to those levels but I must note that the local NWS office in Morristown does a spectacular job of predicting what will happen and when it will occur.  I trust the accuracy of their predictions. 
          We enjoyed the weekend.  We had dinner out with another couple whom we hope to become better acquainted.  They were excellent company at dinner and at the Contra dance that followed.   
          Dinner last night was green salad topped with lobster meat from our freezer.  We bought the lobster tails when we found them in a BOGO window.  Tonight’s dinner is, as yet, an unknown. 

          I need to bring some more firewood up onto the rear deck.  Tonight won’t be too bad, however the bottom is going to fall out of the thermometer before the week is over.  We’ll need the wood stove, and that means carrying wood from out to in.  

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