Saturday, January 11, 2014

11 January 2014 Watching the creek flow by

Cassi Creek:  Cassi Creek was clear, flowing at moderate velocity in a creek bed with a visible bottom.  About 0730 this morning, a line of wind and thunderstorms rolled in.  At 1118, we’ve logged 1.55 inches of rain and the creek is now muddy, high, loud, and fast.  The snow pack up valley has most probably melted and added volume to the rain-produced run-off that is now filling the creek bed.
          At this point, the predicted winds have not reached dangerous velocities in this valley.  Local weather stations are exhibiting only light winds.  This is good. 
          The gutter repairs are completed.  Now I need to track the initial installer down and suggest that he repay us for the money we had to lay out to finish and repair his work.  That is going to be fun.

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