Friday, January 17, 2014

17 January 2014 Hello, Central! What’s the matter with your line?

Cassi Creek:  We have been without landline service since some time yesterday.  About 0.3 mile down valley a support cable has been broken allowing the telephone line to sag. I noticed this late last year. 
          Yesterday, when we returned from Greeneville the phone line crossing the road seemed to be much closer to the ground.  Gloria discovered that we had no phone service about 1500-1530.  We were able to use a cell phone to report the loss of service.  We also knew that an up valley neighbor had no landline service.  We tried to convey this information to Century Link.  Since they require 5 or more accounts to notify them of service problems before considering that loss to be an “outage,” we could only generate a work ticket for them to send out a service tech by 1600 today. 
          Made the morning hike with Mike and found a Century Link tech and truck about 0.3-0.4 miles down valley.  When I asked if he planned to check our complaint, he indicated that there were several complaints up stream.  We pointed him toward the sagging line, which, BTW, had somehow had been fitted with several pulleys and had been pulled up and tied off around a nearby tree.  Those pulleys were not on the line yesterday afternoon.  If the phone company had pulled them up, they would have acknowledged an outage when we called with our service outage. 
          Century Link is one of the worst phone companies I have ever had to deal with. 
          As of 1200 we still have no landline service.  We’ll insist on a refund for lost services. 
Then there is the cable bill, containing packages of bundled programming that we neither want nor watch.  I have no desire to support religious programming, sports franchise programming, shopping channels, etc. I’d be happy to make my selections and pay for only what we watch. 

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