Tuesday, January 7, 2014

7 January 2014 The winter was so hard and cold froze ten feet ‘neath the ground

Cassi Creek:  We recorded a low of -3°F last night.  I think that is the lowest temperature I’ve logged here.  It is certainly as low as I care to see.  The wind chill bounced up and down with the wind velocity.  Minus 20°F at one measurement.  That is sufficiently cold to get my attention. 
          The “Mad Bomber” hats we bought a couple years ago and have seldom used have been worn on every outside trip since yesterday (Monday) morning.  I find myself wishing I had bought them in leather rather than in nylon.  By Saturday, the chilly winds should be moving back into northern latitudes and we’ll be watching for thunderstorms. 
          We’re not in danger of developing a perma-frost layer in the near future.  The depth and dimension of this polar vortex event is going to fuel the fires for the climate change deniers.  The inability to separate weather from climate will send them out like missionaries to spew pseudo-science, misinformation, and full-fledged lies across talk radio and internet sites where the climate change deniers congregate in order reinforce their lack of understanding.  Going to be a busy winter for the climatologists and meteorologists.  Going to be a hard winter listening to Mike tell me each morning when we walk, how global warming is not happening.
          After a week’s worth of his misinformation and my preference to avoid trying to refute his Fox News and other right-winger sources, I may wish for the Dire Wolf to join him for a card game or two.

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