Sunday, January 5, 2014

5 January 2014 Three dog nights insights

Cassi Creel:  Currently (1217) overcast and 47°F.  This will give way to rain followed by freezing precipitation in some form (s).  The polar air moving in our direction will be here by midnight and this small region will join the majority of the CONUS in a meteorological deep freeze. 
          There has been and will continue to be many school closings due to the cold.  It is easy to see that most children lack the clothing for such extreme cold.  If one watches the kids getting onto and off school buses, there will be far too many who are wearing only light shirts, long shorts, and sandals or flip-flops.  They are following some fashion dictate that demands such clothing.  Parents seem to lack either the concern for the well-being of their offspring, or the authority to cause them to dress warmly.  Cost is not the major marker; these inappropriate clothes are fully as expensive as warmer clothing, if one excludes footwear. 
          The old rumors and tales about touching metal surfaces with one’s tongue will doubtlessly be tested by someone who simply has to find out for him/her self whether or not it is true.  There will likely be some who are pressured into become a temporary flagpole ornament by older, larger, and others willing to use the bodies of their classmates for personal and group amusement. 
          If three dogs are required for comfort and warmth tonight, the most comfortable disposition is probably (from one side of the bed) dog-human-dog-human – dog.  Solo sleepers may use any other combination that works for them.  As a matter of esthetics, the dogs’ heads should be at the same orientation as that of the humans. 
          If possible, get local counts on tongue and pole incidents for our future use.

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