Thursday, January 2, 2014

2 January 2014 Slip Sliding Again

Winter Storm Warning!  Freezing Rain Warning!
          We’re apparently in an area of the nation that is forecast to receive lesser amounts of snowfall than the major cities of the upper Midwest and the northeast.  That doesn’t remove the weather risk here, just thins it out a bit and throws in another component.  Freezing rain has been falling off and on since about 0630.  The accumulation on the decks and stairs is sufficient to require caution to avoid falling.   There is more build up on the front steps than on the back.  I’m at loss for the explanation that provides a valid reason for that phenomenon. 
          We’re having a kitchen cabinet repaired today.  It is pulling away from the wall at the ceiling.  The potential for catastrophic separation demands repair.  Like too many things in this house, we discover installation errors when they become suddenly evident.  These are things that should have shown up during the home inspection we had performed before closing.  
          The freezing rain shifted to rain that has been mostly steady since about 1000.  As the temperature drops it is forecast to change to snow -1-8 inches total.  Winds are expected to increase to 15-25 mph gusting to 40 MPH.  Wind chill will be in the -10 -+ 5 range.  
          We bought Loki a coat to keep her somewhat more dry and warm on days like this.  She seemed to like it, realized it meant going outside.  Time to get the stove cleaned and start warming up the office. 

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