Friday, January 24, 2014

24 January 2014 Cold enough to freeze…

Cassi Creek:  We logged a low of 0.1°F this morning at 0809.  I well understand that many other people experienced lower temperatures than what we recorded.  We’re impressed with your endurance and your restraint from whining about those low temperatures. 
          It seems to me that my body has become less durable than it once was.  Simply venturing out into the cold to check the mail now requires some recovery time.  I see this deterioration taking place and I’m powerless to halt or reverse it.  The medications I’m taking for Parkinson’s are having some positive effect but they have some side effects that contribute to the dosage limitations inherent in these meds. 
          The compensation for Parkinson’s secondary to Agent Orange exposure is less than it should be.  This is not a disease that will stabilize, limiting progressive symptoms and effects. 

          As with other diseases and disorders, there is a growing clamor for the nationwide legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes.  The opposition from corporate pharm, from religious wing nuts, and from other opposing groups is going to make what will probably take place, an uphill, drawn out battle occurring in bits and pieces rather than a nationwide decriminalization.  The Israelis claim to have considerable success using marijuana to treat Parkinson’s.  Until this nation boots itself into the 21st century, we’ll have only poorly designed and mostly poorly regarded studies to determine if the Israelis and many illegally treated Americans, are correct.

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