Friday, January 10, 2014

10 January 2014 No Name City

Cassi Creek:  Maple Swamp Road and Cassi Road could well double for No Name City. 
          Beginning yesterday afternoon, I’ve been experiencing flashes of footage from “Paint Your Wagon.”  I’m particularly afflicted by the burial scene in the opening moments when gold is discovered in the grave of a settler being buried after a wagon crash.  Lee Marvin was perfect in the role of a besotted misfit gold miner.  Clint Eastwood played a great “partner”  Along with “The Great Escape,” “The Frisco Kid”, and “The Sand Pebbles, “ this is one of the top movies in my short list.  It’s the only musical in my short list, highly irregular as neither Marvin nor Eastwood can do more than croak along with the music. Then, neither could have most historic miners and settlers.
          Quick run into town this afternoon to pick up some weekend necessities.  Left at 1300, back by 1500.  Temperature is approaching 60° F this afternoon.  The forecast is for rain and high winds.  I can do without the winds and the rains for a while.  Brought in more firewood.  We’re burning through it this winter like never before.

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