Monday, January 6, 2014

6 January 2014    !0 degrees and getting colder
Cassi Creek:  “Ten degrees and getting colder” refers to Boulder Dam and the difficulties of being a road musician, trying to survive both the professional and physical demands of life on the road. 
          Today, 10°F would seem like a heat wave to millions of us who reside, at least temporarily, under a large dome of Polar air that has temperatures registering in the sub-zero ranges.
          It was snowing lightly when I woke up at 0630.  It had been raining periodically, driven by gusty winds of about 25 mph when I turned off my light.  It has been snowing constantly since then.  Currently,1152, it is mixed fine, dry small flakes and larger flakes that make it easier to see that snow still fills the air. 
          Gloria’s bird feeders are mobbed.  There are no squirrels present this morning.  The turkey flock has just arrived.  I scraped the snow off steps and decks, hoping reduce the amount of snow tracked in during necessary excursion for wood, mail, etc.  I probably removed an inch of powdery snow, but the first snow had apparently produced the common frozen under layer that is hard to remove.  That effort was fruitless.  All that depth has been replaced.  Loki is demanding to be let out to chase the turkeys.  On another day, less dangerous for the wildlife, I’d let her out.  Today, the turkeys need to feed without expending energy in flight.

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