Friday, January 31, 2014

31 January 2014 Seeger’s hammer rings out despite Congress

Cassi Creek:  Up at 0500 today in order to be at Mountain Home VAH by 0800.  The fatal traffic accident that took place Monday was prominently centered in my plans.  Since I would be taking that road, and since the melt-freeze cycles are nearly perfect for formation of black ice on that stretch of TN 107, I wanted sufficient travel time to allow for careful driving in the pre-dawn darkness. 
          There were several patches of ice present on the road but being forewarned, I had no trouble.  Arrived at VA with time to find a good parking spot and then log in with Ophthalmology.  They promptly dilated my eyes.  I’ll let you imagine what driving home past large fields and hillsides still snow covered was like. 
          Took my hearing aids in for repair and requested a consult with audiology.  My hearing is still deteriorating. 
          A major fragment of Pete Seeger’s legacy can be found in the song, “If I had a hammer.”  The song still rings out powerfully, summoning memories of Civil Rights and Anti-war rallies and marches.  Seeger was always deeply involved, putting his body and his music into the cause.  Despite the best efforts of McCarthy and, later, the teavangelists, we will hear him where ever and whenever his memory is needed.  That’s a lot of places these days.


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