Tuesday, December 31, 2013

31 December 2013 Before the Midnight hour

Cassi Creek:  Located in the Eastern Time Zone (U.S.)
          The celebration for entering 2014 C.E. has already ended in many nations. The video showing the Sidney Australia fireworks was fascinating.
          I managed to sleep in until 0730.  Following morning chores, Gloria and I drove to Greeneville to pick up medications.  I managed to get a haircut and we made a quick tour through a grocery store for odds and ends. 
          I had thought to avoid battery changes for the components of my weather station in a cold and windy situation.  However, the rain gauge has been showing a bad battery indicator for the last week.  So I stood on the deck with fingerless gloves removing and replacing tiny, non-magnetic screws into a battery compartment that drives the rain gauge’s electronics.  The warning has changed to a “battery OK” indication. 

          This has been another year that has seemed to fly by despite the changes in situation that affected our extended families. 
          My hearing continues to deteriorate.  Parkinson’s is settling in with an array of symptoms that I hope can be alleviated or forestalled. 
          Gloria and I have been a couple for 21 years now.  I couldn’t be happier about that. 
Happy 2014 to everyone who’s ever looked at, and returned to this blog.

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