Monday, December 9, 2013

9 December 2013 Algae Algae oxenfree

Cassi Creek:  The deck and steps have taken on a decidedly green layer of color and slickness that require care when walking on them.  The Pathfinder and Tucson have been de-algaenated but will soon be showing a green rebound.  The riding mower and log splitter exhibit the same decoration.
          I’ve never seen this level of airborne algae infestation anywhere but here and in rain forest.  It has been raining rather steadily since Friday.  The creek is high, fast, and becoming higher and faster.  The entrainment of rain along the front hammering the eastern U.S. promises more rain before a possible change to snow on Tuesday or Wednesday. 
          When the rain cells slack off mist and fog remain.  Given the forecast temperature drop, There is not too much risk of freezing rain or ice tonight . 
          We’ll light the wood stove tonight to drive out some of the damp feel that has invaded the house.

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