Saturday, December 21, 2013

21 December 2013 Princess Winter – Spring - Summer – Squall

Cassi Creek:  in the spirit of the season, “the weather outside is frightful.”  
          The mid section of the country is being afflicted with heavy rains, freezing rain, sleet, and snow.  Travel is something to avoid.  A strong cold front is moving across the nation, delaying flights, destroying traction, limiting visibility, and dropping temperatures into the cellar. 
          This storm has characteristics of winter and spring storms.  The temperature gaps across the front are huge.  Single digit temperatures appear NW of the front and 70°F + temps are evident to the SE of the front.  The stage is set for severe thunderstorms, torrential rains, and tornados. 
          Currently, on Cassi Creek, the temperature is 70°F.  Winds are clocking at 17 mph behind the house while the flag suggests the velocity just about 30 feet higher is around 25-30 MPH during the gusts that are blowing through here. 
          Stepping outside, the roar of wing higher up the valley walls is constantly present.  The temperature and humidity suggest severe spring storms.  The dog is somewhat edgy due to the wind, but likely no more so than am I. 
          At 1205 the outdoor thermometer reads 74°F.  We stand a chance to set a new high temperature record for the day. 
          The thunderstorms are forecast to reach us about midnight.  Tomorrow we should have them with us much of the day. 
          The gutter company we used has not completed the work they contracted to do and what they did doesn’t appear to be done that well; something that had to be discovered during rain.  Further, they created some leaks in the roof over the front deck and steps that allow water to drip downward and freeze on those surfaces.  Highly dangerous as it can be hard to detect and avoid. 
We have someone coming this afternoon to look at the previous gutter replacements and to estimate needed incomplete and badly done work.  We’ll probably have to replace more of the new gutters. 
          Going with the low bid and looking for local trades people doesn’t seem to be a safe course to follow here.  Every time we’ve followed that guideline, we’ve come to regret it. 
          The title refers back to early children’s programming of television.  Some of us will understand the reference and how it applies to today and tomorrow.  If you need help, “ telecast on the NBC network in the United States from December 27, 1947 until September 24, 1960.”

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