Saturday, December 28, 2013

28 December 2013 more cold, rain, and snow

Cassi Creek:  Yesterday was sunny and clear.  Today, gray damp and heavy clouds promise to drop more rain over the weekend   Snow may sneak into the picture.
          There’s a nearly solid block of rain showing up in the Deep South and sliding up toward us.  We’re ready to bunker in and spend the weekend in domesticity.  We’ve topped off the pantry, reefer and freezer. 
          The television offerings are the typical end of the year stories cycled and recycled.  We’ve sat through a number of bad movies offered by Comcast at no additional charge beyond our monthly penance.  Perhaps we’ll find something of higher quality, something that wasn’t intended to release directly to cable TV, if we broaden our search a bit.   Most likely, we won’t. 
          I slept in until 0800 this morning, a rare treat for me.  With the prediction of rain, I moved about two-three nights of split oak from the tarp-covered outdoor rack onto the covered deck area to assure some reasonably dry wood for the stove.  I’m always amazed at how dense hardwoods, oak, hickory, and ash, are when lifting and carrying them about. 
          Time to lay tonight’s fire and take some of the chill off the house before the rain arrives. 


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