Wednesday, December 18, 2013

18 December 2013 As time goes by

Cassi Creek:  The fundamental things apply as time goes by….
21 years ago at the beginning of a long hard winter, I stepped off a plane and into a terminal at Washington National Airport.  It was a dull gray morning, a sky that showed no promise of improvement, a sky that overcame any brightness in the terminal. 
          Then, there was a smile that had no equal and the terminal was flooded with brightness.  That was my first glimpse of Gloria.  That smile changed my life radically and irrevocably.  The direction of my life and the way I viewed life were abruptly swiveled 180 degrees from their prior vectors.
          Nothing has ever been the same since I stepped off that plane and into a new existence.  Now, I see that smile every morning, every night, and many times during the course of each day.  And, it never fails to light up the room. 
          The years since we first met have flown by, as time seems to compress in good times.  These are the years I’d slow down if I could.  That being impossible, I’ll enjoy them as they carry us downstream together.

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